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The Dark Knight Rises - Batman and Catwoman by ~Cetosc on deviantART on -

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BatBale still has some Jack Kelly in him! 


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Hell yes.

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The Dark Knight Rises: The Players // artwork by DeeCDddlc (2012)

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This may be the best Batman poster I have ever seen in my life.


This may be the best Batman poster I have ever seen in my life.


I loved Catwoman’s sense of humor.  I love how sly she is.  I love how she, to use a cat metaphor, walks the fence and you don’t know which side she’s going to come down on.  She’s totally independent.  And let’s face it, she’s badass.

- Anne Hathaway

It happened in the midst of a massive crowd scene on Wall Street in Manhattan, during a fight sequence between their two characters.

“It was the first time I ever heard Christian say he was tired,” Hardy remembers. “I was watching him for however many months getting beaten up and wet and cold, and he never said anything. Inside, I was dying, but I was thinking, ‘This can’t bother me because he’s not bothered.’ But on Wall Street, he just turned and said, ‘You know what? I’m exhausted.’ I said, ‘Me too.’”

“We stopped the fight and started hugging each other,” Bale adds.

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I’m truly surprised people aren’t talking about this.

When I saw Anne Hathaway in the lace mask, I squealed like an Audrey Hepburn fangirl, Adam Hughes fangirl, and Dark Knight [Rises] fangirl.

All these amazing elements combined into one gorgeous thing.

Thank you, Chris Nolan, for knowing what you’re doing.


Audrey Hepburn

Adam Hughes

Anne Hathaway.


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The Dark Knight Rises - Exclusive Nokia Trailer Debut [HD]

Movie of the summer.